Sustaining Our Students Fund


Our student population is overwhelmingly from low-and-moderate income families. More than 40% are eligible for Federal Pell grants, 65% percent for the CA Board of Governors Fee Waiver program and more than 80% qualify for some form of financial aid.

The Mt. San Antonio College Foundation is interested in engaging community partners to help us respond to a crisis among our student body. A growing concern for Mt. SAC and other California Community Colleges is the alarming number of students who are facing issues of homelessness and food insecurity. A recent study within the Los Angeles County Community College District found that one in every five students is homeless and nearly two-thirds cannot afford to eat well. In the last year, we saw a 50 percent increase of homeless vets within the 36 percent homeless population increase in the San Gabriel Valley. And we know that 38 percent of all foster care children in California reside in Los Angeles County.


Mt. SAC has launched a multi-layered approach to address this troubling problem.

  • Mobile food bank on campus, partnered with Sowing Seeds for Life

  • Encouraging and assisting eligible students to sign-up for CalFresh (California’s Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program – SNAP)

  • Building an endowed fund to support vouchers to be given on an immediate basis to those students in critical situations

At Mt. SAC we are building a unique partnership between many different leaders – the College, the State and members of the community. We ask that you join us in these efforts. Support the Sustaining Our Students Fund. Make your gift online at

For more information about this epidemic please visit for national statistics.

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